Shopping Venues

The world is full of shopping destinations, each and every country have a place where all the shopaholics arrive whenever there is some big sale is nearby. Same way Los Angeles is like a shopping heaven for the Shopaholics. For those who do not know about this city, then this is the second biggest city in the whole United States of America. This place is full of adventures and fun for yourself. Especially the amusement park which is built near the hills of the city is really a thrill and adventurous place to visit. The hallmark of this place is the logo of the Hollywood on the hills which can be seen from every corner of the city. This is one of the Shopping Venues where thousands or maybe millions of shoppers arrive from the whole United States of America, Mexico and Canada. This city is one of the wonders of nature, where you will find the beach at one end of the city and hills on the other end.

Unique Malls

Unlike those traditional shopping malls which you must have seen everywhere in the world, the shopping malls over here are really exclusive in design. And for sure shopping over here would bring you with many new experiences. People are now tired of shopping in the enclosed building with no fresh air. Shopping could be still bearable in such condition, but for the café, people want to eat in the open environment. SO people can enjoy the open food courts in the shopping malls of Los Angeles. As for the tourists, there are several places to visit for, especially for the shopping lovers.

Heaven for Shopaholics

And among all of those places first, comes the Rodeo Drive. This is a paradise for all the shopping lovers and the very first place that should be visited on the vacations in Los Angeles. This is one of the most sophisticated places, where you can get all the fashion related stuff by the best brands in the world. This is really one of the expensive Shopping Venues, and the reason is that it is situated in the posh area of the city which is known as Beverly Hills. And due to its fame, it may be possible that you come across any Hollywood Celebrity face to face. As this is also one of the preferred places for their shopping as well. This shopping mall is one in its kind and contains the famous brands as well.

Other Famous Places

And the not fun does not end here because it has really a large size of the open food court, where you can enjoy a quality time with your friends after you are tired from shopping. Whereas Los Angeles has many other things for their tourists as well, and next name on the list is Melrose. This is an area of LA, and this place is full of boutiques which are owned by many of the famous artists. Except this Robertson Avenue is also famous for the shopping and celebrities.

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